Best Paper und Poster Award

Best Paper Award


Jahr Paper
2021 »Fine metal-rich waste stream characterization based on RGB data: Comparison between feature-based and deep learning classification methods« hier
N. Kroell, K. Johnen, X. Chen and A. Feil
2019 »Subpixel detection of peanut particles in wheat flour using near infrared hyperspectral imaging« hier
A. Laborde, A. Boulanger, E. Siurdyban, A. Biloé, B. Jaillais, D. Bouveresse, C. B.Y. Cordella

»Improving material characterization in sensorbased sorting by utilizing motion information«
G. Maier, F. Pfaff, F. Becker, C.Pieper, R. Gruna, B. Noack, H. Kruggel-Emden, T. Längle,
U. D. Hanebeck, S. Wirtz, V. Scherer, J. Beyere


»Protecting the food supply chain from farm to fork: Utilizing SERS and portable Raman spectroscopy«
O. Lischtschenko, M. Sourdaine, D. Guenther, C. Harvey, Y. Mattley, A. Guckian


»Luminescence- and Reflection Spectroscopy for Automatic Classifcation
of various Minerals«
J. Hofer, R. Huber, G. Weingrill, K. Gatterer

Best Poster Award


Jahr Poster

»Optical identifi cation of valuable materials on printed circuit board assemblies based on sensor fusion«
J. Ruecker, P. Peper, U. Bochtler, P. J. Klar


»HyperSpectral Imaging applied to monitor fertilizer production from mixed organic wastes«
S. Serranti, G. Bonifazi, R. Palmieri