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November 24, 2022

time author organization title
9:30 a.m. Registration and distribution of conference documents with welcome coffee
10:00 a.m. Welcome and opening  
      Image acquisition 1
10:15 a.m. Marcus Petz TU Braunschweig Multi-wavelength method for structured illumination
10:40 a.m. Rujia Li ITO Uni-Stuttgart Physics enhanced neural network for phase imaging using two axially displaced diffraction patterns
11:05 a.m. Postersession    
  L. Carrilero ETSIME (UPM) Madrid Blurred image resolution enhancement by graphene nanoplates
  Bernd Jähne IWR Uni-Heidelberg Release 4 of the EMVA 1288 Standard: Adaption and Extension to Modern Image Sensors
11:20 a.m. Coffee break and poster presentation  
      Image acquisition 2
11:35 a.m. Daniel Garten GFE / TU Ilmenau Innovative Quality Assurance based on Deep Learning
12:00 p.m. Tobisa Haist ITO Uni-Stuttgart Two-dimensional multispectral sensor with variable selection of spatial and spectral sampling
12:25 p.m. Postersession     
  Lucas Reinhart  FHWS-IDEE  Augmented virtuality to generate semi-artificial image data for instance segmentation
  Christian Kinzig KIT-MRT Multi-Image Vignetting Compensation and Exposure Correction for Image Stitching
12:40 p.m. Lunch break and poster presentation  
      Quality assurance
1:40 p.m. Tim Zander KIT-IES Optimal human labelling for anomaly detection in industrial inspection
2:05 p.m. Julia Hartung TRUMPF Laser GmbH Quality control of laser welds based on the weld surface and the weld profile
2:30 p.m. Dennis Haitz KIT-IPF Semantic segmentation with small training datasets
2:55 p.m. Coffee break and poster presentation  
3:15 p.m. Georg Maier Fraunhofer IOSB Machine Learning-based Multiobject Tracking for Sensor-based Sorting
3:40 p.m. Simon Wezstein  MSTVision GmbH Introducing fast and comprehensive FPGA based BLOB analysis with the Hybrid-BLOB concept
4:05 p.m. Coffee break    
4:15 p.m. Xavier Vidal Fraunhofer IAF Plenary lecture: Quantum Sensing 
5:15 p.m. End of the first day    
7:00 p.m. Reception and evening event in the Torbogensaal of the Botanical Garden Karlsruhe

November 25, 2022

time author organization titel
      Image processing
9:00 a.m. Alexander Geng Fraunhofer ITWM An Introduction of Quantum Image Processing on Real Superconducting Quantum Computers
9:25 a.m. Josh Perske Fraunhofer FHR High-performance image reconstruction algorithm in CUDA C++ for ultra wideband multi-channel MIMO radar systems
9:50 a.m. Bernd Jähne IWR Uni-Heidelberg Image Compression Suitable for Subsequent Image Processing Without the Need for Decompression
10:15 a.m. Markus Michen Fraunhofer IIS Deep learning and active learning based semantic segmentation of 3D CT data
10:40 a.m. Coffee break and poster presentation  
      Event Based Vision
11:10 a.m. Introduction and panel discussion: science meets users, moderator Michael Heizmann
12:00 p.m. Lunch break and poster presentation  
1:00 p.m. Martina Scheffler DHBW Mannheim A signal processing pipeline for an autonomous electric race car
1:25 p.m. Alexander Braun  HS Düsseldorf Spatial Recall Index - Where is the performance?
1:50 p.m. O. Ramírez-Agudelo Aerospace Center Indoor Floorplan Estimation from 3D point clouds for Scan-to-BIM 
2:15 p.m. Coffee break    
      Measurement and automatization technology
2:30 p.m. Felix Endres FH W-S IDEE Reconstruction of the packing pattern of cardboard boxes in intralogistics
2:55 p.m. Andreas Heinrich Uni-Aalen Locally and temporally resolved image-based determination of the refractive index distribution during additive manufacturing of optical components
3:20 p.m.     Best Paper Award, Summary and conclusion
3:40 p.m. End